Finalization & DCP

We do and also consult thoughout the whole proccess of finalization of audio and image, mixing, DCP creation and other exhibition formats. Customized projects for the need of each production, experienced crew in cinema and TV, quality control, total commitment with deadlines, and the most competitive rates in the market.  

Sound, image, copies

The post production is a critical momento for the conclusion of a film, therefore, it's important to work with a qualified team of professionals so that the final result will be compatible with the production value of the film, and that you stay in the budget. We offer packaged solutions  for the post since the editing of image and sound, mixing, subtitles, acessibility and the final copy in DCP for exhibition in festivals and cinemas. We also act as a bridge for productions that wish to do the post production abroad. We give a full consulting solution for that end, including negociating with finalization studios abroad. 

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