Docs & Institutionals

We have experience in scripting and shooting documentaries in many areas such as: environment, historical patrimony, cities, tourism, education, besides intitutional videos in general, teasers, trailers, promos, among others. 

Rock Horror Film Festival trailer - To know more about the festival, go to:

The DNA of your brand

Each brand has a DNA and our work is to grasp the essence of your brand and make it impact your audience. Teasers, trailers, promos, comercials, video-classes, institutionals, training videos. Give us a call and we'll setup a meeting to think the best way to make your product shine on the screen.

What's your idea?

We work on documentary projects, since the first stages of production such as: the research, and the study of the market viability. We also do partnerships for the production of documentaries with the potential for the inclusion in festivals, and the commercial distribution. If you have an ideia for a doc, and doesn't know how, talk to us.

Documentaries Produced

6 Days in Chubut

Documentary shot in the Argentinian Patagonia with Didier Noirot former Jacques Cousteau diver and Emmy winner for underwater photography.


Nation City

Historical documentary about the city of Ocian at the São Paulo coast that was distributed in libraries, and comunity schools in the region.

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