Project Elaboration

We have experience in scripting and shooting documentaries in many areas such as: environment, historical patrimony, cities, tourism, education, besides intitutional videos in general, teasers, trailers, promos, among others. 

Cultural Marketing 

Alright! Your film is ready and now you need to send it to the festivals, but how to do it properly? We create the media kit for your project and consult in the inclusion in the platforms online and in the selection of the best international festivals for your film. We translate the synopsys, resume of the director, promotional material. We also create the teasers, sites, blogs, online networks and all you need for the promotion of your film to be a success.

Leave the hairy stuff to us

To have your project approved in the incentive laws for funding is necessary to  preparer a detailed dossier for your cultural project, and very often, the creator gets stranded in the bureaucracy and don't take further ideas that could result in great audiovisual works. Leave the bureaucracy to us, so you are free to create without worrying about the project elaboration, the follow up of the paperwork,and the accounting reports.

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