Careers e Oportunidades

Woman in cinema is one of the flags of Sin Fronteras Filmes and we want to contribute with the positive growth of that statistic. If you have a project in which the female is the lead or if you are an industry profissional and want to be part of our girl power team, talk to us.

What we're looking for at the moment...


We are looking for fundraisers for feature projects already approved  at the Audiovisual Laws, and partners for our festival.


We have a database of freelance audiovisual professionals for jobs in our productions. To be in it, fill the form.


If you are an actor, an actress, or a voice professional and want to be in our talent database  for future work opportunities, fill the form.


If you like horror and rock & roll and wants to be part of the Rock Horror Film Festival team in Rio or São Paulo, fill the form.

Filming the documentary  Nation City

Project Presentation