Creation & Production

Sin Fronteras Filmes is a production company for cinema, TV, theater and events, specialized in all steps of production since the development until de commercialization of audiovisual work. 

Who We Are


Sin Fronteras Filmes was created in 2012, by the dynamic filmmaker Chrys Rochat who travels the world in search of stories, experiences, and innovative ideas, that has an international appeal, and both original and independent aesthetics. Like the name says, Sin Fronteras Filmes is focused on projects that could please the public worldwide, with instigating plots and broad interests, aiming to cross borders and take the best of the Brazilian independent cinema to the international market, touching and interesting the world for cultural and ecological diversity.

In 2014, Sin Fronteras Filmes produced the documentary "6 Dias em Chubut", directed by Chrys Rochat, about the southern right whales during the reproduction season in Baía Valdez, Patagônia with the Emmy winner, wildlife cinematographer, Didier Noirot, known for various films for BBC and Discovery and former Jacques Cousteau diver, that has been premiered in film festivals: X Fatu in São Paulo, Festival Internacional de Televisão in Rio de Janeiro, Handle Climate in Shenzhen/China, Voices Voices From The Water in Bangalore/India, 3rd Indian Cine in Mumbai/India, Wiper Festival in New York, and the World International Film Festival in New York, Hong Kong, London, Toronto, Singapore, Los Angeles, Melbourne.

In the same year, she wrote, directed, and edited the historical documentary Cidade Nação – A Saga in São Paulo, produced by Ação & Cena Films, that she co-produced, as well, it was released in an event with the Mayor and is now part of educational history of the city and is being used in the schools in the region as reference material.

In 2015, she and other Brazilian producers to represent the Brazilian cinema at the International Producers Conference at the Ventana Sur Film Market in Buenos Aires where she closed a coproduction deal with Uruguay for the feature Jaguá.

Her current projects include the long feature films “Entrelinhas Suspeitas”, with distribution of Europa Filmes, and “Duty Free”, both with instigating stories, evident international appeal, and approved in the Audiovisual Law and the Serie: "Entre Elas". 

Chrys Rochat also directed the film "Novela Novela" in Los Angeles winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival and participated of brazilian festivals such as: Gramado, Recife and Ceará.

She shot the pilot of “Quest – Paradisiac Places, Extraordinary People” in Dominican Republic in places like: Punta Cana, Las Terrenas and Santo Domingo. All this accumulated human and cultural content, ensures to Sin Fronteras Filmes today a differential in the view of the world and in the projects for the world.

The company also works with Discovery Channel, NatGeo e Canal +, directing and producing dubbing and subtitles with more than 2000 films and series in it's belt, which contributes enormously to its market vision and audience impact.

Sin Fronteras Filmes is the producer of the Rock Horror Film Festival that unites the best of the horror, thriller, and fantasy films with rock & roll in a big party for moviegoers who love music, and cinema.

Current Projects